Roller Brush (TYPE 200)
Roller Brush (TYPE 200) Roller Brushes UNION Custom Made Brushes Kuala Lumpur (KL), Selangor, Malaysia. Suppliers, Supplier, Supply, Distributor | Mee Huat (M) Sdn Bhd

Description: Roller Brush or some may call it rotary brush or cylinder brush. This is one of the common machine brushes to be use together with machine. Roller brush normally will move under rotary motion during application. This roller brush is one of the open face brush, mean that there are gap in between each spiral. This special design is to fulfil certain special requirement to mechanical reason.

Application:  Normally roller brush to be used into a machine driven by motor. It works under rotary motion to do cleaning, grinding, buffing, scrubbing brushing or others application. It is widely using in chipboard, glass surface, road, conveyor, steel sheet cleaning. Die cast product deburring, antistatic discharge and etc.
Most customer brought machine together with roller brush, but once it brush is wore off; customer could need brush specialties to advice on the brush upgrading or recondition.

What we can do:
1.       Site visit to understand on application and condition of brushes.
2.       Providing technical support to customer to manufacture better brush to best suit to customer application by improving productivity and efficiency.
3.       Dimension of the brush, material of bristle and size of the bristle are giving very different effect to result. We could custom make to exact any parameter to customer needed.
4.       Trail testing shall be conducted before actual unit is made to increase confident on the exact sample to be installed into the machine.

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